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#Whatspp आणि #FACEBOOKकाढलं #गोऱ्यांनी
आणि त्यावर हवा
#शिवरायांच्या पोरांनी.......

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3 weeks ago

Remember, my friend Remember about
A great leader
A great freedom fighter
Honor of Maharashtra
“Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj”

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2 years ago

Kashish Honi Chahiye Kisi Ko Yaad Karne Ki,
Lamhe To Apne Aap Mil Jayenge,
Waqt Hona Chahiye Kisi Ko Milne Ka,
Bahane To Apne Aap Hee Mil Jayenge.

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2 weeks ago

A kiss says it all
And here’s one to say
I want you
And yes
I love you too.

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Tags: Kiss SMS
2 years ago

क दिल कहता है ....

" I love u ".....,

एक गुलाब कहता है ....

" i will marry u "...

पर एक याद कहती है

" i miss u ...

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