Greetings SMS

Your birthday is the perfect day to say I care,
because you will remember me
when u certainly make it a big affair and when you do hold a party...
I bet you will be the one who would care to make ur special day a costly affair!!!!

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2 years ago

Sis, thinking of you with love
On your birthday and wishing you
Everything that brings you
Happiness today and always!
Happy Birthday..

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2 years ago

Hope The New Year brings a lot of good cheer for you,
May all Your Dreams Will be True, Hope the year also bring Gigabyte of Fun,
Happy New Near and good luck with your Resolution.

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2 years ago

Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don't need to carry...
Life is beautiful,Enjoy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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2 years ago

Because you're someone very special Sister,
It's so nice to have this chance
To wish you the best of everything A whole year in advance
Happy Birthday Sister!!

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2 years ago
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