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Greetings SMS [Birthday SMS]

I Can Not Put How I Feel About You Into Words,
But I'll Try. I Love You.
You're My Reason For Living.
Happy Birthday, Lover!

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3 years ago

"Fly In The Plane Of Ambition,
And Land On The Airport Of Success,
Luck Is Yours,
Wish Is Mine
May Ur Future
Always Shine.

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3 years ago

It Must Have Been A Rainy Day
When You Were Born,
But It Wasn’t Really Rain,
The Sky Was Crying Because
It Lost His Most Beautiful Angel.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

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3 years ago

Sweetheart! U R So Beautiful,
My Love 4u Will Always B True,
Here’s A Wish 4 My Darling..
May All Your Dreams Come True
I Wish U A Very Happy Birthday.
With Lots Of Love And Kisses..
From A Heart That Beats.. Just 4 You.

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3 years ago

******2 YOU ********
*******WISH U ALL****** *******THE*********
***VERY VERY BEST OF*** ~~%~~%~~%~~%~~%~~%~

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3 years ago
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